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Commissioned by Architectural Digest to create an animation which was part of our pop up show at ADOasis @ The Raleigh during Art Basel - Miami.

Music created by Toydrum

ADOasis @ The Raleigh - Art Basel - Miami - 2012

11 | 12 | 2012

Images from our show at ADOasis @ The Raleigh during Art Basel - Miami. With Special guest Pedro Alonzo curator of ICA/Boston. Music by DJ Paul Sevigny. The opening was a great success and we met some amazing people!

The night was attended by many including: John Barman, Stephen Dorff, Mistrella Murphy, Jane Seymour, Sean Flynn, Giulio Capua, Mark Cunningham, Paz de La Huerta, Simon Rex, Kate Mara, John Mara Jr, Zosia Mamet, Elena Satine, Daniel Sunjata, Scout Willis, Le Call, Sam Cochran.

Sunny and I would like to thank Mark Cunningham and team of Mark Cunningham Inc. We would also like to thank Erica Boeke, Andrew Kilbourn and team of Architectural Digest who invited us to show.


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