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Album cover for ‘Evangelist’ by Gavin Clark & TOYDRUM

23 | 09 | 2015

We have just finished the artwork for this special gate folded vinyl album 'Evangelist' by Gavin Clark and TOYDRUM.

'We were privileged to be asked to create the look and feel for this amazing record'

Having worked closely with Shane Meadows throughout his career, these latest tracks from Gavin Clark can be heard on Meadows’ new series ‘This is England ’90’ which aired on 13th September.

“[Clark’s] latest, as yet unreleased songs are his greatest and have once again become the emotional heartbeat of my latest project,”

– Shane Meadows

After Clark’s tragic passing this year, Pablo and James (Toydrum) promised to finish the album in memory of their friend and fellow artist. The tracks from 'This Is England ’90' will feature on the upcoming album.

To be released: 11th December 2015

Reviewed on The Guardian

Original photo for 'Whirlwind of Rubbish' by Lucio Cavallari.


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