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Kai & Sunny (born 1975 and 1977, respectively) are a UK based artist duo. They both graduated from the Epsom School of Art in Surrey, United Kingdom with degrees in Art and Design. They have collaborated with author David Mitchell, designer Alexander McQueen, artist Shepard Fairey and have won numerous accolades, including a 2012 D&AD Design Award, a 2015 LIA award and a 2019 Addy award. Works by Kai & Sunny have been exhibited internationally at institutions such as Haunch of Venison and are included in the Victoria & Albert Museum Print Archive Collection.

The duo recently completed their largest painting to date measuring 4m x 2.5m (158 x 99inches) at the prestigious indoor skate park in Los Angels owned by Eric Koston and Steve Berra.

Past exhibitions include Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles; Stolen Space Gallery, London; Haunch of Venison, London; the Southbank Centre, London; Pertwee Anderson & Gold, London; Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles; Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York and Colette, Paris.

Currently their work embraces the concept of change; flowing deconstructed landscapes are continuously moving taking you from one place to another. Creating dynamic movement through line and color shifts representing a driving action or force. The lines in the works push and pull each other as if caught in a state of flux whilst other areas are free and exude speed and energy. The process is a methodical building of thin intricate lines upon each other. The result showing powerful kinetic compositions while a delicacy remains. The lines can change your perception of the shape while the foreground and background invite you to float in-between the two.

"The idea that such sophisticated and detailed pieces are executed by hand is mind-blowing" – Shepard Fairey

"Kai and Sunny’s abstract and mind-bending lineworks (who were featured on our Juxtapoz 25th Anniversary show in Miami) continue to be at the forefront of wonderful op-art based paintings." - Juxtapoz



London Gallery: Stolen Space Gallery

L.A Gallery: Corey Helford Gallery

London Agent: MA World Group

New York Agent: MA World Group

2019 Addy Award LINK